Toshiba Satellite C850 Drivers for Windows 8 32bit

Download Toshiba Driver - Toshiba Satellite C850 has some general specifications  as follow :
  • Display 15.6 inches LCD
  • Backlight     LED
  • Processor Intel Sandy Bridge Core i3-2370M
  • Intel HD Graphics 3000
  • Memory RAM 4 GB DDR3 Max 8 GB
  • Hard drive 320 GB HDD (5400RPM)
  • Max HDD 640 GB
  • Wi-Fi 802.11n, 802.11g, 802.11b
  • Bluetooth version 4.0
  • Battery Lithium Ion (Li-Ion)
Download  Driver for Toshiba Satellite C850 Windows 8 32-bit
WINDOWS 7 (32bit)
Intel Wireless Displayv3.5.34.0252.03 MBWin 8 (32bit)
Intel Chipset SW Installation Utilityv9.3.0.10205.78 MBWin 8 (32bit)
Intel Display Driverv9.17.10.2843114.27 MBWin 8 (32bit)
Beta Intel Display Driverv9.17.10.2781129.95 MBWin 8 (32bit)
Realtek Audio Driverv6.0.1.6690205.37 MBWin 8 (32bit)
ATI HDMI Audio Driverv8.0.0.880230.11 MBWin 8 (32bit)
Intel Rapid Storage Technology Driverv11.5.2.100113.3 MBWin 8 (32bit)
Realtek Card Reader Driverv6.1.8400.3903019.45 MBWin 8 (32bit)
Realtek Wireless LAN Driverv2.00.002022.56 MBWin 8 (32bit)
Intel Wireless LAN Driverv15. 8 (32bit)
TOSHIBA Metro Tile Cleanup Utilityv1.00.052.68 MBWin 8 (32bit)
Int. PROSet Wireless WiMAXv7.5.10072619.5 MBWin 8 (32bit)
Atheros Wireless LAN Driverv10. MBWin 8 (32bit)
Atheros LAN Driverv2. MBWin 8 (32bit)
Synaptics TouchPad Driverv16.2.10.5120.76 MBWin 8 (32bit)
Toshiba Web Camera ApplicationvV2.0.3.3886.45 MBWin 8 (32bit)
Realtek Bluetooth Filter Driver Packagev2.3.9.021124.76 MBWin 8 (32bit)
Bluetooth Stack for Windows by Toshibav9.10.00T80.96 MBWin 8 (32bit)
Atheros Bluetooth Filter Driver Packagev1.0.1353.34 MBWin 8 (32bit)

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