Fujitsu LifeBook P771 Drivers Download for Win Xp, Win 7

Fujitsu LifeBook P771 has specification as follow : Core i3-2310M, Memory DDR3 4GB, 500GB HDD, DVD±RW, Ethernet, WiFi, Bluetooth, Fingerprint, VGA Intel GMA HD G3000, 12.1" WXGA, Camera, Media Slot, Windows7 Professional.

Download Drivers for Fujitsu LifeBook P771  for Windows XP, Windows 7 32-bit/64-bit
Chipset9.2.0.10152.4 MBWin7 32bit/64bit
Chipset9.2.0.10152.4 MBWin XP
Display8.15.10.224643.1 MBWin732-bit
Display Manager7.00.20.2127.2 MBWin7 32-bit
Display8. MBWin7 64-bit
Int.Display6.14.10.532322.3 MBWinXp
Audio Realtek6.0.1.624064.5 MBWin7 32-bit
Audio Realtek6.0.1.624064.5 MBWin7 64-bit
Audio Realtek5.10.0.624025.8 MBWin Xp
SATA AHCI10.1.0.10085.9 MBWin7 32bit/64bit
SATA AHCI10.1.0.10085.9 MBWinXP
WLAN Atheros8.0.0.34128.5 MBWin7 32-bit
WLAN Intel14. MBWin7 32-bit
Wireless Display2.0.27.0109 MBWin7 32-bit
WLAN Atheros8.0.0.34128.6 MBWin7 64-bit
WLAN Intel14. MBWin7 64-bit
Wireless Display2.0.27.0109 MBWin7 64-bit
WLAN Atheros7.7.0.50928.9 MBWinXP
WLAN Intel14. MBWinXP
LAN Intel11.8.84.0656 KBWin7 32-bit
LAN Intel11.8.84.0790 KBWin7 64-bit
LAN Intel11.8.84.0630 KBWinXP
Fingerprint Driver9.0.8.3511 MBWin7 32-bit
Fingerprint App7.00.61A31.8 MBWin7 32-bit
Fingerprint Driver9.0.8.3510.9 MBWin7 64-bit
Fingerprint App7.00.61A39.5 MBWin7 64-bit
Fingerprint Driver9.0.8.3511 MBWinXP
Fingerprint App7.00.61A31.8 MBWinXP
Camera5.8.52016.06.1 MBWin7 32-bit
Camera5.8.52016.06.1 MBWin7 64-bit
Camera5.8.52016.06.1 MBWinXP
Int.Utilities AMT7.0.0.11099.1 MBWin7 32-bit
Int.Utilities AMT7.0.0.11099.1 MBWin7 64-bit
Int.Utilities AMT7.0.0.11099.1 MBWin XP
Media Slot6.1.7600.000496.3 MBWin7 32-bit
Media Slot6.1.7600.000496.3 MBWin7 64-bit
Media Slot6.1.7600.637.2 MBWin XP
USB HC2. MBWin7 32bit/64bit
Fujitsu Shock Sensor4.00.31.0027.5 MBWin7 32-bit
Fujitsu Shock Sensor4.01.31.0027.6 MBWin7 64-bit
Fujitsu Shock Sensor4.00.31.0027.5 MBWinXP
Pointing14. MBWin7 32-bit
Pointing14. MBWin7 64-bit
Pointing14. MBWinXP
Bluetooth6.3.0.690024.2 MBWin7 32-bit
Bluetooth6.3.0.690033.5 MBWin7 64-bit
Bluetooth5.6.0.600098.3 MBWinXp

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