Dwonload Acer Aspire One HAPPY / HAPPY2 Series Driver Windows XP & 7

Acer Aspire One HAPPY / HAPPY2 Series Driver WinXp/ Win 7 - Acer Aspire One HAPPY / HAPPY2 Series has specifications as follow :
  • Intel Atom processor N550 (1 MB L2 cache, 1.50 GHz, DDR3 667 MHz, 8.5 W), N455/N475 (512 KB L2 cache, 1.66/1.83 GHz, DDR3 667 MHz, 6.5 W) (for model with DDR3 support only)
  •  Intel Atom processor N450 (512 KB L2 cache, 1.66 GHz, DDR2 667 MHz, 5.5 W) (for model with DDR2 support only)
  • Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 3150 (Intel GMA 3150), with 64 MB of dedicated system memory, supporting Microsoft DirectX 9, Dual independent display support, MPEG-2/DVD decoding     
  • Acer Crystal Eye webcam with 1280 x 1024 resolution
  • Acer Video Conference Manager software, featuring Video Quality Enhancement (VQE) technology, supporting 640 x 480 resolution online video calls
  • High Definition audio support/ Two built-in stereo speakers/ MS-Sound compatible/ Built-in microphone
  • Acer InviLink Nplify 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi CERTIFIED/ Supporting Acer SignalUp wireless technology
  • Secure Digital (SD) Card, MultiMediaCard (MMC)/ Storage cards with adapter: miniSD, microSD
  • Mobile Intel NM10 Express Chipset 
  • O.S Genuine Windows XP Home (Service Pack 3)
  • O.S Genuine Windows 7 Starter 32-bit

SATA AHCI Driver8.9.4.100421.4 MBXP_x86
Intel Chipset Driver9.1.1.10252.3 MBXP_x86
Intel VGA Driver6.14.10.526015.3 MBXP_x86
Realtek Audio Driver6.0.1.606678.3 MBXP_x86
Atheros Bluetooth (AR3011/BU12) MBXP_x86
Broadcom Bluetooth Driver5.6.0.3800241.6 MBXP_x86
Chicony Camera Application5.8.54.00812.1 MBXP_x86
Liteon Camera Driver3.3.2.2918.7 MBXP_x86
Suyin Camera Application Software5.8.54.0088.4 MBXP_x86
Card Reader Driver5.89.0.701.1 MBXP_x86
Atheros Ethernet LAN Driver1.0.0.404.6 MBXP_x86
WiMax Intel Driver5.20.1002.361.6 MBXP_x86
Atheros Wireless LAN Driver7.7.0.45631.5 MBXP_x86
Broadcom Wireless LAN Driver5.60.350.630.3 MBXP_x86
Intel Wireless LAN Driver5.20.1002.33.5 MBXP_x86
Realtek Wireless LAN Driver1090.2.0504.201018.4 MBXP_x86
Touchpad15. MBXP_x86
Modem Driver2.2.992 MBXP_x86
Broadcom Media Processor03.07.00.0012.6 MBXP_x86
Huawei 3G Module Driver2.0.6.7023.8 MBXP_x86
Ericsson 3G Module6.3.1.316.1 MBXP_x86

WINDOWS 7 32bit

SATA AHCI Driver8.9.4.100421.4 MBW7_x86
Intel Chipset Driver9.1.1.10252.3 MBW7_x86
Intel VGA Driver8.14.10.211721.8 MBW7_x86
Realtek Audio Driver6.0.1.614185.7 MBW7_x86
Atheros Bluetooth Driver MBW7_x86
Broadcom Bluetooth Driver6.3.0.545058.7 MBW7_x86
Card Reader Driver5.89.0.701.1 MBW7_x86
Atheros Ethernet LAN Driver1.0.0.314.6 MBW7_x86
WiMax Intel5.20.1002.361.6 MBW7_x86
Atheros Wireless LAN Driver9.0.0.17323.4 MBW7_x86
Broadcom Wireless LAN Driver5.60.350.6MBW7_x86
Intel Wireless LAN Driver5.20.1002.36.1 MBW7_x86
Realtek Wireless LAN Driver2015.2.0430.201017.3 MBW7_x86
Synaptics Touchpad Driver15. MBW7_x86
Modem Driver2.2.992 MBW7_x86
Media Processor Driver03.07.00.0012.6 MBW7_x86
Huawei 3G Module Driver2.0.6.7023.8 MBW7_x86
Ericsson 3G Module driver6.3.1.316.2 MBW7_x86
Liteon Camera Application Software4. MBW7_x86
Suyin Web Camera Application MBW7_x86
Chicony Camera Driver Application1.1.184.6103.6 MBW7_x86

Driver Aspire One HAPPY2 Series for Windows 7 32bit
WINDOWS 7 32bit
Intel SATA AHCI Driver10.1.0.100810 MBW7_x86
Intel Graphics Driver8.14.10.223021 MBW7_x86
Realtek Audio Driver6.0.1.6307108 MBW7_x86
Intel Chipset Driver9.1.2.10082.4 MBW7_x86
Realtek Ethernet LAN Driver7.037.1229.201011 MBW7_x86
Card Reader Driver6.1.7600.749 MBW7_x86
Atheros Bluetooth Driver6.18.0624.0301100 MBW7_x86
Broadcom Bluetooth Driver6.3.0.645059 MBW7_x86
Atheros Wireless LAN Driver9.2.0.31644 MBW7_x86
Intel Wireless LAN Driver14.0.0.11394 MBW7_x86
Broadcom Wirelss LAN Driver5.100.235.1931 MBW7_x86
Huawei 3G Module Driver6.0.1.2717 MBW7_x86
3G Software Application3.00.300021 MBW7_x86
Modem Driver2.2.991 MBW7_x86
Synaptics Touchpad Driver15.1.18.032 MBW7_x86
Cyberlink WebCam Software Application1.0.152323 MBW7_x86

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